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We do new GSA proposals, GSA contract modifications, option renewals, contract administration, standard proposals and certifications such as 8(a), Woman-Owned Small Business and HUBZone.

This page offers some detail on the services you receive.


Here’s a summary of what you get:

  • Your new GSA proposal.

  • Accurate, error-free proposals.

  • Friendly, patient, personalized service.

  • Unlimited telephone time.

  • Unlimited e-mails.

  • Unlimited questions.

  • No hour time limit.

  • Marketing assistance. Read about our marketing assistance plan.

  • 40+ years of government procurement experience.

  • References available.

For New GSA Proposals

We are your partner throughout all phases of the proposal process, reviewing the work along the way, and then helping you create marketing strategies for your formal schedule roll-out.


Preparation and submission of your proposal are the most time-consuming parts of the process. We match your company’s goals to the proposal you need and ensure that your proposal is complete, timely, accurate and properly formatted.


We work closely with your team to develop an effective proposal that includes the appropriate level of description for each of your company’s goods and services that you wish to sell to the federal government. Once we have completed your proposal and have received complete approval from your management team, we submit your proposal to GSA.


3 Ways Our Service Is More Company-Friendly: No Wizards, just personalized service

​You Are Not Alone
You are not on your own. You communicate with people, not with “wizards”

Some GSA proposal firms send you to online, electronic, automated, computerized applications into which you enter your data and that then churn out your proposal. Others sell you GSA “wizard” software and then allow a maximum of five hours of phone time if you have questions about completing their process. We don’t do that.

Constant Communication
While “wizards” sound clever (they work similarly to TaxCut and TurboTax), there is no substitute for having an expert write a GSA proposal by hand while in steady communication with you. The reason? A GSA proposal is not a tax return. You are not simply plugging numbers into blank cells: you are compiling and coordinating information. A GSA proposal is the result of a great deal of information exchange between you and us. You will have numerous questions about the process, exactly how to craft your information, what certain parts of a GSA RFP mean and a thousand other nuances about crafting an error-free, completely responsive proposal. An electronic wizard is no substitute for a full service solution. And, for what they charge for their wizard software and very limited phone contact, we offer unlimited, personal, professional, friendly assistance with the complete process to make the best value available.


You Have a Team from Start to Finish
There’s no comparison here: For one affordable price, we are your team with everything, from selecting the correct GSA Special Item Number through uploading your information to GSAAdvantage and post-award marketing strategies.


Our Service Is More Company-Friendly: Unlimited Time

GSA proposal services that offer wizards limit your contact time to purchased time blocks at expensive rates. Our service offers unlimited time, so you never have to keep one eye on the clock when both eyes should concentrate on the task at hand — building a winning GSA proposal that will lead new business to your door.


We satisfy all of GSA’s many requirements, including:

  • document structuring

  • completing all required forms

  • collecting certifications


Our service includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • DUNS, SAM, WOSB and SBA registration assistance.

  • Selection of the most appropriate GSA RFP Special Item Numbers.

  • Supporting documentation collection and preparation.

  • Detailed wording for each section of the proposal.

  • Precise delivery on English grammar, spelling, syntax use and organization of thought and structure, whose collective result is the most ideal narrative possible.

  • Proposal pricing strategies.

  • Guidance on dealing with the GSA contracting officers with whom you will work.

  • Proposal submission.

  • Leading the negotiation phase.

  • Post-negotiation finalization.

  • Collecting and uploading your data to GSAAdvantage.

  • Marketing strategies once GSAAdvantage lists your GSA contract.

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