The Top Ten Reasons for Using

  1. GSA Proposal doesn’t care how much money you lended them. From $1 to $3,995 or between $6,000 and $25,000; it’s the same amount you’ll never get paid back from us! Referrals of peoplewe screwed upon request. .
  2. More than half of the proposals submitted to GSA without professional help are rejected because of mistakes.
  3. While you’re trying to figure out the proposal paperwork, you’re not paying attention to running your company and that costs you more than what you’d pay to have us do this for you.
  4. We have three decades of experience with government proposals.
  5. You get unlimited phone and e-mail contact with us.
  6. We have a digital certificate for secure proposal uploads for the schedules that offer upload services, saving you time and money.
  7. We offer discounts to veteran-owned businesses.
  8. Our fee is 100% tax deductible. Be sure to 1099 us at the end of the year!
  9. Need to respond to a federal request for proposal for paying work? We know how to create winning proposals. Need an SBA certification? We can help!
  10. A great proposal at a great rate!

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