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Workshop dates are being set and we will announce them here. Call 937-349-6376 for details.

About this workshop

Traditionally, preparation and completion of a proposal to GSA can take from a few weeks to a couple of months when the participants use email and phone calls as the primary means of communication and file preparation. While this traditional method of proposal development is tried-and-true, there’s a more efficient and effective way to create a winning proposal to GSA:’s Rapid Completion workshop.


Using a combination of targeted pre-workshop content development and face-to-face video conferencing workshop time from the comfort of your home or office with our seasoned proposal professionals, proposal completion can be accomplished within one week. Of course, the award of your GSA contract is guaranteed with the workshop as it is with our traditional proposal preparation process. has spent the past few years studying its own proposal processes as well as the methods employed by companies offering classes, and has developed the most efficient process for creating your successful GSA proposal.


The workshop is led by knowledgeable, highly skilled acquisition professionals who have a wealth of practical experience, both with GSA proposal preparation and as workshop leaders who know how to present complex material in an easily understandable manner. This approach ensures that every attendee will return to work with a completed GSA proposal. Some companies are in unique situations that could mean that proposal completion could carry over briefly after the workshop. Most companies that have follow-up work finish within a few days.

Who should attend

  • Any company that wants to take advantage of the world’s largest customer that buys more products and services than any other company, year after year

  • Anyone who wants a GSA schedule and has a commercial product or service to sell to government should attend

  • Company executives authorized to make administrative, technical and pricing decisions

  • Contract administrators

  • Procurement executives

  • Sales managers

Upcoming Workshop

TBD. Email for information and registration.

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