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New GSA Contract

Obtaining your initial five-year award is the core of what we do for you. We've been serving small and large businesses for 19 years, with over 600 awards. We are ready to serve you today.

If you heard that building a proposal for a new GSA contract can be a complex, sometimes nerve-wracking, experience, you heard right. The requirements are scattered over several documents and document creation itself is also dispersed throughout a primary solicitation document that, to the unfamiliar, is lengthy and confusing. Pile all of that on a pricing spreadsheet laden with multiple tabs and formulas, and you are presented with a dilemma. Where to start? What background experience should you have? What documents do you need to create and how? 

Our 19 years in the trenches takes the worry and confusion off your shoulders. We give you a logical roadmap and work with you closely. As Crocodile Dundee so aptly said, "Hey, no worries, mate!"

Once you have your own GSA contract, you have a ticket to increased company sales, not only as a prime contractor with multiple federal agencies, but also as a very attractive subcontractor to primes. It's a win-win.

So, give us a call today (hit the green Contact button above) and get the business you've been missing.

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