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Contract Maintenance

Once you have your award, it's essential that you keep your contract "current, accurate and complete" or risk having GSA terminate it. Our full contract administration program takes care of the action items that keep your contract useful and in compliance.

Your GSA contract is a living, breathing creation, a cornerstone in your marketing arsenal that will bring revenue in the door. As such, it will undergo change: adding goods and services; removing goods and services; updating pricing; administrative and personnel revisions. Also, there are the mass modifications and sales reporting - ignoring either can lead to issues that play against your contract. We know the ropes on all of these.

Here are a few action items we help manage (and this is not a complete list):

- Update your administrative information any time you change your Point of Contact (POC), addresses and phone numbers or authorized negotiators.
- Adding or deleting products or services, making part number or product description changes or change prices to products and services.
- Update your GSAAdvantage listing to reflect any changes or modifcations. Your catalog must be updated at least every 2 years. You do this through a program called SIP.
- Mass Modifications. Any time the MAS solicitation changes, all GSA contracts must process a modification sent to "the masses (all GSA contract holders)."
- If your products recently changed where they are manufactured (it's rare, but it can happen), you must tell GSA the new country of origin. The country must be either the US or a country that has signed the Trade Agreements Act. This is a very big deal to GSA.
Update your SAM registration once a year.
- You must report your GSA sales either monthly (products) or quarterly (services) and then pay the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) that's due.

Modifications can be tricky, but we know what each kind of modifications needs. And, we understand how important keeping your contract in full working order is. Be sure to ask us about our full, post-award contract administration program.

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