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Pat Suarez

Pat is a US Air Force veteran and is the founder of He began his acquisition and procurement career in 1976. His acquisition and logistics experience includes government, aerospace, nuclear weapons and private industry as a senior buyer, trainer and acquisition manager.

He has a bachelor degree in Constitutional Law (Wright State University) and a master degree in administration (Central Michigan University).

As a former adjunct professor in three colleges, he enjoys teaching processes and helping others become successful.

He has been creating GSA proposals since 2000 and resides near Dayton, Ohio.

Company Profile

We are a veteran-owned small business

We know that many companies offer GSA proposal preparation and consulting services. We know that you have many choices about whom you can trust to shepherd you through this sometimes arduous process. That’s why we appreciate the fact that you chose to spend some of your very valuable time at our site. We do everything we can to uphold your trust.

We are committed to helping small businesses. We understand that most small businesses do not have a great deal of money to allocate to proposal assistance. That’s why our GSA proposal preparation fee is below the norm. But we maintain our level of service above the norm.

We have four decades of professional federal government experience, including more than three decades in government procurement. We have worked in and with the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, government contractors and private industry. We have the experience your company requires to create a first-class proposal to GSA.

That experience extends to not only know what the government needs and how to present it, but also to such critical issues as logic flow, grammar, syntax and spelling. These errors seriously degrade an otherwise excellent proposal; we don’t allow proposals to go to the government with such errors.

We care about our clients, and we ensure that all questions are answered. In what some see as cynical times, we make sure that all of our clients gain the confidence to create a winning GSA proposal as well as the confidence to do business with the federal government. Our Contract Review/Document Editing and Proposal Writing divisions also ensure that your outgoing documents reflect excellence upon your company.

We are patient and we speak in plain English, not in confusing jargon. We get to the point because you have no time or money to waste. We're with you.

Corporate Mission’s corporate mission is to provide the most efficient, effective, thorough, timely and affordable GSA proposal preparation service to the business world.

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